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Anthony Rondinone

Anthony Rondinone is an emerging American painter born and raised in the Bronx, New York.


With no formal training, he primarily focuses on stylistic portraits and figurative works which are the culmination of memories from growing up in a poor immigrant community and his take on humanity. Mainly conveying emotions from deja vu like melancholy to inner disgust, each piece has its own personality.


He is interested in self reflection and connecting to emotions. Whether he's attempting to show the beauty in sadness or revealing the ugly side of humanity, he wants people to find themselves in his work and spark personal confrontation.


His works can be found in private collections around the world and his popularity on social media is rapidly growing with over 60k followers on Instagram.




Each of my paintings are a snapshot of exactly how I feel in a moment; a page in a journal where I can pour emotion and memories through a filter of everything that I've seen, and watch it take shape.  As each figure comes together, I try to relate to it.  Right as I start to understand the world it lives in, and connect with it, that's when I know it's almost done, you don't want to over stay your welcome.


I mainly work on figures and portraits because these are supposed to be people we know; people you've passed by or loved, and maybe your self.  The hope is that you can see yourself in some of these. I tend to work with emotions that we should be coming face to face with like sadness, anger or the uglier sides of ourselves and try to come to terms with these things, embrace them, or figure out ways to better ourselves. They are meant to be stared at almost like a psychological test.


Good lord I sound like such a pretentious asshole haha but that's really how I feel so


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